Wai-O-Tapu (Maori for “Sacred Waters”) is an 18 sq km geothermal park in Rotorua, New Zealand and one of the region’s most iconic tourist attractions. In June of this year I spent a morning at this incredible location where I wanted to use my drone to capture aerial footage of the famous Champagne Pool. Frequently photographed from land due to its vibrant and colourful waters, I was aiming to get a birds eye view of this unique geographic feature.

The name “Champagne Pool” is derived from the abundant efflux of carbon dioxide in the water, similar to a glass of bubbling champagne. Although not often is your champagne served up at a temperature of 73 degrees celsius…! Ice bucket anyone?

While on this shoot I also captured video footage from the drone, and together with some behind the scenes filming taken by my good friend Carl Hansen, I have produced a behind the scenes look at the drone shoot to share with you, (including the still images which are shown at the end of the video). If you are at all interested in knowing what its like to capture photo and video with a drone, then watch this. I hope you enjoy!

All video and still content copyright Chris McLennan Photography Ltd.


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