It seemed like a fun project to put together a slide show of the first 12 months (not even) of shooting back on Nikon. However it was one of those projects that got away on me once I actually started…!

If you are a photographer reading this, I challenge you to look back at just a single year’s worth of your own photography.  Its amazing how many images we actually take – and how many of them provide “markers” for the journey we all take with our imagery. Trying new styles, experiencing new things (or places) to photograph, learning new techniques and basically evolving with every photo we take.

It was actually a very rewarding experience to look only at a specific period of work, as opposed to always relying on those “well known favourites” sitting in our portfolio that become our signature pieces. As they say, you are only ever as good as your last photo (or photo shoot), so make sure that if you look back through the last year of your work (or the last month, or the last week) you can always find those unique new images in there that define your style, and establish your worth as a creative individual; always changing, improving, evolving and dare I say it… “developing” as a photographer.  (Excuse the pun)!  :-)

Anyway, I picked out what was supposed to be a small selection (but ended up close to 200 of my “new” favourites) and my wife Catherine put them to some music to create a great little 10 minute “Latest Hits” show reel for me. A very positive exercise all in all, and will keep me motivated for the next year of photography!!

So here you go, (nearly) 12 months of new work shooting on Nikon. Enjoy!!


Video and all imagery copyright Chris McLennan.

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  1. Just absolutely stunning takes my breath away to a far away place !

    Thank you

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