Further to my April post on the Aurora Borealis I photographed in Alaska Рand the time lapse video I made from some of the footage I captured Рhere is another series of time lapse segments taken around the South Island of New Zealand during my Wildlight Safaris Sth Island Photo Tour (next tour dates are the 10th to 23rd of April 2015 if you wish to join me Рits a fantastic adventure which I can thoroughly recommend)!  To read more about my Photo Tours click here.

My wife put these time lapse segments together as a video for me to be included in a series of presentations I was giving for various photographic groups in Auckland last month, and I wanted to also share the video here for anyone else keen on getting into time lapse photography and wanting to know what’s possible. Its certainly a fun and creative way to show some of the more dramatic features and spectacles we as photographers get to witness when we travel the countryside in search of great still images. So while I haven’t been tempted to seriously try my hand at video or moving footage as such, time lapse is a great way to add movement to still images and to just do something a little different with the subject you are presented with.

I always say that as photographers we should keep abreast of technology, try different things, up-skill, experiment and step outside the box (nothing new there)… So having a bit of fun with time lapse this year has been my way of doing that. :-)

It also adds another service I can offer my clients and these days staying competitive is part of staying in business! (Next step is to fully perfect flying my new drone from Steadidrone so I can add that to the repertoire as well)!!

The movement in some of these time lapse segments has been captured using the Syrp Genie which you can read more about here – www.syrp.co.nz/products/genie. ¬†This is a product I supported through their kick starter program and have been really pleased with; simple and easy to use, packs down nicely into my travel kit, and by adding movement to the time lapse segments it gives them a real polished and professional look…

Anyway, just a bit of fun but have a look and let me know what you think. Worth taking the time to figure out and experiment with?

Cheers, Chris

(Click the settings icon to view in 1080HD).


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  1. Great timelapse! What is the sound track you have used please? It’s really nice to listen to!

    • Hi Olivia
      Thanks! The music is sourced from PremiumBeat.com and the track used is called “Dreamer”. I used the short version. :-)

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