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Wildlife photography often demands fast focusing, rapid fire shooting and lightning reflexes, however to be successful it often requires more than that – the one common factor required is thought and planning.  It doesn’t always work out the way you wanted but knowledge of your subject and it’s behaviour mixed with forethought and planning – plus calm and efficient reactions – and your odds will increase dramatically. Timing is everything.  The speed required for great wildlife photography isn’t always about freezing high speed action but can… READ MORE >


Part of being a commercial photographer for over 25 years is that people start to ask you lots of questions. The photographic industry is still a dynamically changing and growing one, and the number of young folk now looking to a career in the image making sector is probably more than ever. For Chris, who started his career during the “dark ages” (aka darkroom) of film photography back in 1988, this is a great opportunity to offer his experience and share all he has learned over… READ MORE >


Although I’ve been fortunate to have worked in over 45 different countries with my photography, both the Arctic and Antarctica are very much still on my wish list.  Up until August that is, when I got to cross one of those off! Technically I had already been within the Arctic Circle a number of times during previous shoots in Alaska.  But this time we were heading north by boat – the M/S Stockholm polar expedition vessel to be exact – and we were going to get… READ MORE >


In September 2013 Chris spent time in Africa hosting a group photo tour with Wildlight Safaris, as well as visiting the Himba tribes of Namibia and capturing some great new wildlife images from Botswana as he checked out possible tour locations for this year’s Photo Tour safari. It was while on this trip that Chris first introduced us to Car-L and the amazing lion pics he was able to capture with this small remote control vehicle. What we haven’t shared with you yet are the further… READ MORE >


If you are a regular follower of Chris’s work you will no doubt be aware that he spends much of his time in exotic regions of the world seeing and photographing sights and experiences most of us only dream about… But what about the lucky few who get to join him? I was recently in touch with one of the guests from Chris’s (September) Wildlight Safari through Botswana and felt I just had to share his imagery and comments here. His shots are amazing!! Take a… READ MORE >


I was preparing for an exhibition earlier this year and had the concept of restricting the content to a 12 month period of one of my favourite subjects – Wildlife. In the lead up to the exhibition I had just started shooting with the D800E.  I was so captivated by the huge files and the ability to capture incredible detail in the images that I decided to shoot some local content specifically for the exhibition with that camera.  This is where the idea was born to… READ MORE >


During a recent Photo Tour to Africa with Journeys Unforgettable I spent some time shooting from an underground hide in Mashatu, Botswana. The hide had been crafted from an unused shipping container and was buried next to a remote watering hole. Purpose-fitted for photography, it is accessed via a trapdoor at one end, while logs have been stacked on top to prevent wandering elephants from walking over it and dropping in for a visit. A rubber floor to keep it quiet and a chest-level rubber-coated bench… READ MORE >


Is there a secret to better wildlife photography?  For those of you following the blog, you will know that Chris just spent a couple of weeks in South Africa with Journeys’ Unforgettable as a photo guide on their “Africa Big 5″ Photo Safari.  Followed by a week in Alaska hosting a group to photography the grizzly bears.  It’s easy to get great photos when you have an expert beside you offering tips and advice and providing hands-on tuition and guidance!  But how about some user-friendly tips… READ MORE >

Giraffe at sunrise, Mashutu, Botswana, Africa

This is a video of some of my favourite shots from my recent Photo Tour to Botswana and South Africa with Journey’s Unforgettable.  We had a great group on board and all came away having captured some amazing new wildlife images and enjoyed some very special experiences together. Seeing a mother Cheetah with her family of five adolescent cubs, watching a lion stalk and chase down a leopard within metres of our truck, and witnessing the magnificence of the Great White Sharks as they breach upon… READ MORE >


Sunday News features a story and images on Chris McLennan, August 2012. “Chris McLennan has one of the most exhilarating jobs in the world.  The Kiwi wildlife photographer travels the planet, getting up close and personal with some of its most ferocious predators.  Tracking lions and leopards, staring into the jaws of man-eating crocodiles, and leaping into water alongside great white sharks, are all in a day’s work…”. Click to download PDF file and read the full article.


For all of those out there continuously asking if there is an easy way to order Chris McLennan prints online, now there is!! I am very excited to be offering my very best images for you to customise and order online, from photographic enlargements through to high quality canvas and aluminium prints (including framing and other options) – there is something for everyone. The order process is extremely user friendly and prices are competitive. I know there have been a number of requests for prints of my images,… READ MORE >

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