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My travels have seen me visit many so called primitive cultures before.  However in reality it wasn’t unusual to turn up to an ethnic village ready to photograph their cultural ways only to see a brand new 4×4 parked behind the grass huts and mobile phones and other western devices in use… But this was different – this was Papua New Guinea!  And it was here that I was going to witness genuine culture amongst the tribal people of PNG’s remote interior. From the crowds waiting… READ MORE >


My tripod bumped to one side and I felt a spray of water as I heard the thunder of a heavy, running animal (only slightly louder than the hammering of my heart), closely followed by the intense odor of wet fur and fish.  Yes I was finally here in Alaska, in the thick of the Salmon run and surrounded by the concentrated feeding frenzy of the grizzly bears.  I was sure glad I wasn’t included on the menu!  I would have been an easy target for the huge… READ MORE >


Having just left the ski fields of Vail and a tropical minus 10, I was now back in Fairbanks, Alaska for the second time – at minus 35!  My hosts from the Alaska Travel Industry Association had pulled together an amazing itinerary and I was thrilled to be here in the icy throes of winter. My first challenge; to photograph the wonder of the Northern Lights or “Aurora Borealis”, so named after the Greek Goddess of dawn ‘Aurora’ and the Greek name for the Northern wind… READ MORE >

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