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So far it’s been a busy year with commercial shoots in the South Island, US, China, Norway, Botswana, Fiji and Alaska.  But while at home briefly between projects earlier this year I had the privilege of presenting to a few different groups within New Zealand’s very enthusiastic photographic community.  One of the questions I always get asked is “how did you become a travel photographer” – or more often worded by the younger members of the audience “how can I become a travel photographer”?  (Watch this… READ MORE >

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  “Join renowned travel photographer Chris McLennan on a Photo Tour of the stunning Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk from the 22nd to the 27th of April 2013.  Currently on sale for only NZ$2,900 per person.  Includes 5 nights accommodation, meals, wine and drinks with dinner, fully guided walk, pack transportation, all transfers…” And of course excellent photographic tuition by one of New Zealand’s best photographers! See the best of New Zealand while improving your photography skills in one of this country’s most photogenic National Parks. For… READ MORE >


In its native Maori tongue New Zealand is called “Aotearoa”, meaning “Land of the Long White Cloud”.  And it’s not hard to see why.  Look at satellite pictures of New Zealand and you’ll see two long skinny islands with a smaller dot of land below, defined by a backbone of mountains running almost the length of the country.  If you can see the mountains beneath the long line of white cloud that is. The Southern Alps that form the spine of New Zealand sit abreast the… READ MORE >


“Thinking outside the square” is a term commonly used in photography circles.  I like to think it refers to the opportunity – and the challenge – that those working in the creative field have to break the rules!  When so much of our life is governed by rules and regulations, including both the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography it would seem, it is fantastic to take a step outside of those rules and experiment once in awhile. A few tips for taking photos that are… READ MORE >


“Not far from Rotorua lies Te Urewera National Park, one of New Zealand’s 14 national parks and boasting the largest remaining stand of native forest in the North Island.  The jewel of Te Urewera is the stunning Lake Waikaremoana, named by the Maori to mean ‘sea of rippling waters’. A good way to experience the park is to hike the Lake Waikaremoana Track.  With huts scattered along 46 kms of trail winding around the scenic shoreline, a guided option provided by Walking Legends means you don’t… READ MORE >


Sunday News features a story and images on Chris McLennan, August 2012. “Chris McLennan has one of the most exhilarating jobs in the world.  The Kiwi wildlife photographer travels the planet, getting up close and personal with some of its most ferocious predators.  Tracking lions and leopards, staring into the jaws of man-eating crocodiles, and leaping into water alongside great white sharks, are all in a day’s work…”. Click to download PDF file and read the full article.


For all of those out there continuously asking if there is an easy way to order Chris McLennan prints online, now there is!! I am very excited to be offering my very best images for you to customise and order online, from photographic enlargements through to high quality canvas and aluminium prints (including framing and other options) – there is something for everyone. The order process is extremely user friendly and prices are competitive. I know there have been a number of requests for prints of my images,… READ MORE >


Chris McLennan on his experiences as a travel photographer. Excerpt’s from local NZ TV documentary on “the arts”, filmed and produced by Ashley McKenzie. Includes some of Chris’s fantastic imagery, as well as his views on how he has made it as a successful New Zealand photographer working on the international scene. Always wanted to be a travel photographer yourself?  This is how to make it happen…

Bears in their natural habitat

Here are a couple of interesting facts for you: A single adult grizzly bear in Alaska can weigh up to 800kgs in prime condition – that’s about the combined weight of the All Blacks forward pack… During the summer season and the height of the salmon run these huge bears eat around 40kg of salmon every day… Whereas I weigh in at well under 80kg’s (not even twice their daily consumption) and can only eat about 200grams of salmon in a sitting.  Do the math, it’s… READ MORE >


The “Travel Photographer of the Year” awards is a competition that I hadn’t previously entered.  It caught my attention after seeing the high caliber of winners in last years awards so I decided to give it a go… I was delighted to hear that my New Zealand based  ”Spirit of Adventure” portfolio received the “highly commended”  award and in fact all of the four portfolios and five individual images that I entered made it through to the finals! This is the premier international travel photography awards showcasing travel imagery to… READ MORE >


This place isn’t called the “Lost World” for nothing. As I squeeze between limestone columns – formed as the stalactites dripping from the ceiling join with their stalagmite partners from the floor – and finally wedge myself under a ledge of immense rock partway up a cave wall, I realise that I am literally quite “lost” in here.  Not just in the maze of caverns, tunnels and canyons that form this area of Waitomo in New Zealand, but even more so in the natural beauty and… READ MORE >

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