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Over the past few months I have been using the new Flipside Sport 20L AW camera back pack from Lowepro and I’ve been loving it so much I thought I’d share my experiences with you here. I first used the pack during a series of winter ski shoots in the US.  I was going to be on assignment in Colorado, New Mexico and West Virginia.  Because I was shooting on the snow, and therefore carting my gear around with me on my back, it’s always important… READ MORE >


On a recent photography assignment I was creating some very hi-res animal portraits at the Auckland Zoo.  These images are part of a project I am doing in conjunction with some of my sponsors and the Auckland Zoo, which will bring exposure to the great breeding and in-the-wild conservation projects that the Zoo is involved with. The resulting images will be on display for the first time ever as part of Auckland’s Festival of Photography during an exhibition I am holding at Shed Five in Wellesley… READ MORE >


Whoa!  A photography website with hot deals?  Check it out… Like all of us in the photographic industry, much of our time when NOT spent looking through the lens of a camera (well Chris that is, I’m usually trying to look over his shoulder)… is spent trawling through the internet looking at various pages of information ABOUT photography. Even after 25 years working commercially in the industry, it is still such an interesting topic! This is because it is ever evolving, ever changing…  Someone is always… READ MORE >


On a recent exploratory photography trip around the South Island of New Zealand I had the opportunity to put the new Lowepro Rover Pro 45L AW to the test. On first inspection of the pack it looked great, with a rugged outdoors feel in a nicely textured subtle blue.  The two removable camera equipment pods appeared quite small at first – but looks can be deceiving!  I was actually able to house a Nikon D800 with vertical grip and 70-200mm 2.8 lens attached as well as… READ MORE >


For a recent conceptual photo shoot I did at Muriwai Beach near Auckland, I wanted to photograph a ballerina “in flight” inside the fantastic cave at Maori Bay.  This is a cave that has two entrances, a larger one on the beach and a smaller opening out the front facing the sea.  I wanted to use different speedlite groups to light both the ballerina and also the faceted interior of the cave, and so I chose to use the new Viper wireless flash transmitter and receivers… READ MORE >


In 2011 Chris traveled by snowmobile around 1200km’s across frozen Alaska to follow and photograph the Iditarod Dog Sled race. As part of that journey, he used video to document the equipment he used along the way, and how it performed in such extreme conditions. This is the HP video created as part of that adventure, which I don’t believe I have shared with you before on the blog site. If you are thinking about mobile workstations, and how today’s digital photographers can make their business… READ MORE >

The value of a good memory card...

With the ever changing technology of the photographic industry leading to faster frame rates, hi definition video and larger image file sizes, the demands placed on our memory cards have never been greater. The new Lexar 1000x UDMA CF cards that I have been using certainly stand up to the test, and comfortably so.  I use two of these cards side by side in my 1dx – with a write speed of 145 MB/s they are incredibly fast.  In practical terms, that camera / card combination… READ MORE >

canon 1dx

I was looking forward to the release of the EOS-1D X because I’d heard about the new developments in the sensor, the exposure system and in the AF System. The fact that the EOS-1D X was going to replace the EOS-1D Mark IV and the EOS-1Ds Mark III which is the earlier full frame sensor camera makes it a much more practical tool for the work that I do. My plan was to start using two EOS-1D X cameras instead of one of each of the other models…. READ MORE >


This is a video of a mountain biking shoot I did out in Woodhill Forest. It was a shot I had planned in my head after riding past this nearly vertical ramp a number of times, and so it was just a matter of seeing if my “idea” could become reality!  I was going to be using the Hahnel Tuff TTL to remotely fire my flash, which was mounted on the ramp the mountain biker was going to ride. I wanted to light him very dramatically… READ MORE >


Throughout the last couple of years a number of Chris’s images have appeared in advertisements for Bay Photo, a print supplier in the US whom we deal with for our own exhibition material, and who is the print supplier we use when you order one of Chris’s images online (through our online prints portfolio here). I can highly recommend them as a quality supplier, with excellent service and turn-around time.  In particular their metal prints are amazing – you really have to see them to believe… READ MORE >

Chris Canon lens review

On opening the box of the new 300/2.8, I was amazed by how small and light it was!! Size isn’t everything, right? But this certainly proved to be the case here with this new addition punching well above its weight!! However, the new 400 was the one I really wanted to test as I own and love the previous version. Once I used the Mark II model, I found it had a more ergonomic feel and a very significant reduction in weight. This combined with the improved image stabilisation… READ MORE >

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