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We all know that what we “see” motivates a big part of our decision making process, especially when purchasing that extra something special (as opposed to every day consumer goods, where price is still the biggest factor). So why risk losing that potential customer to a competing business because you haven’t given them the best possible opportunity to really “see” your product? Using a professional photographer to capture your unique product or service allows you to engage someone who specialises in one thing and one thing… READ MORE >


“The new Canon EOS 1D Mark IV completes my EOS equipment set perfectly [Chris also shoots with the EOS 1Ds Mark III and EOS 5D Mark II digital SLRs]. At present the EOS 1D Mark IV is being dubbed as the perfect camera for photojournalists and action sports photographers, due particularly to the camera’s high speed and low light capabilities.  I don’t think many people have realised though, the benefits of this camera for travel, landscape and wildlife photography. While the low light performance is one of the key draw-cards of… READ MORE >

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