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D-Photo Off Location - PhotoTorial-1

For this month’s regular “On Location” article in D-Photo Magazine, we instead put together an “Off Location” story, based on our behind the scenes experience in developing our new app PhotoTorial.  Read on for more… On Off Location – It’s ‘APPy Hour! Anyone in the business of photography will tell you that for every photo they take, there is an equal amount of time (often more) spent working behind the scenes.  Not only in the preparation, planning and post-production of that specific photo or photo-shoot, but… READ MORE >

PhotoTorial PRO

For the thousands of you who have already downloaded our free app PhotoTorial, we’ve now released a PRO version which includes ALL of the available in-app purchase content for a one-time only price of US$14.99.  Check it out on iTunes here. PhotoTorial Pro has over two hundred pages worth of information and photos all designed to help you become a better and more successful photographer, from unleashing your creative potential right through to developing and running your own business. The app includes an IMAGE ALBUMS section… READ MORE >


Whoa!  A photography website with hot deals?  Check it out… Like all of us in the photographic industry, much of our time when NOT spent looking through the lens of a camera (well Chris that is, I’m usually trying to look over his shoulder)… is spent trawling through the internet looking at various pages of information ABOUT photography. Even after 25 years working commercially in the industry, it is still such an interesting topic! This is because it is ever evolving, ever changing…  Someone is always… READ MORE >

512X512 App Store Icon

You heard it here first!  Only a week to go and our brand new “PhotoTorial” app will be available on the App Store.  WE CAN’T WAIT!! As always with these things, the development process took slightly longer than we expected, which is a good thing and a bad thing.  Good because it meant we had more time to put more effort, more content, and more commitment into the entire process – which has been a hugely thrilling experience for us.  And bad because it has meant… READ MORE >

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