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Entering photo competitions takes time and money and up until recently I guess I hadn’t seen it as an important part of my work.  I was too busy simply doing my job!  But I have since realised that industry recognition does play a part in your development and achievement as an artist (even if it just helps your ego), so in 2009 I entered a few images into the 2009 Great Outdoors Photo Comp (sponsored by National Geographic at the time).  As a first time entrant… READ MORE >

D-Photo Spoilt for Choice-1

On a recent photo shoot in the USA and after many days on the road, I dragged myself out of bed in Moab at around 3.30am to set off for the drive and hike to photograph sunrise at the spectacular Mesa Arch.  After a 40 minute drive followed by a short hike down the trail lit only by headlamp, I reached the location in plenty of time… and all in one piece!  All I could think of while walking in the dark, stepping over rocks and gnarled roots, were… READ MORE >

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