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Part of being a commercial photographer for over 25 years is that people start to ask you lots of questions. The photographic industry is still a dynamically changing and growing one, and the number of young folk now looking to a career in the image making sector is probably more than ever. For Chris, who started his career during the “dark ages” (aka darkroom) of film photography back in 1988, this is a great opportunity to offer his experience and share all he has learned over… READ MORE >

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My 2015 schedule included a number of shoots “across the ditch” in Australia, which – compared to some of my travels further afield – can sometimes feel a lot like home. Despite their need to call jandals “thongs” and claim numerous Kiwi icons as their own (from Pavlova to Phar Lap to Russell Crowe), when you bump into an Aussie in the backstreets of Beijing or on Safari in Namibia it is always a pleasant surprise and makes the world seem that much smaller. So to… READ MORE >

Huli wigmen, tari, PNG

After being dropped in by charter plane to a lonely grass airstrip, surrounded on all sides by dense tropical jungle echoing with the musical notes of abundant birdlife, it was obvious to all that we were in one of the more remote areas of Papua New Guinea. I was here to guide a small group of photographers as we journeyed to see the primitive tribes and traditional culture of this incredible country – one of the worlds’ least explored and yet home to 7 million people… READ MORE >

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For nearly ten years Chris has been trying to get me to join him on one of his trips to the US. For some reason I am always dragging my feet and coming up with excuses, most of which are based on the winter temperatures involved as he is usually over there for ski shoots. This year was no different, Chris was scheduled to be at Snowshoe Resort in West Virginia followed by a quick stop in Colorado. As always the temperatures were in their extremes… READ MORE >


Although I’ve been fortunate to have worked in over 45 different countries with my photography, both the Arctic and Antarctica are very much still on my wish list.  Up until August that is, when I got to cross one of those off! Technically I had already been within the Arctic Circle a number of times during previous shoots in Alaska.  But this time we were heading north by boat – the M/S Stockholm polar expedition vessel to be exact – and we were going to get… READ MORE >

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So far it’s been a busy year with commercial shoots in the South Island, US, China, Norway, Botswana, Fiji and Alaska.  But while at home briefly between projects earlier this year I had the privilege of presenting to a few different groups within New Zealand’s very enthusiastic photographic community.  One of the questions I always get asked is “how did you become a travel photographer” – or more often worded by the younger members of the audience “how can I become a travel photographer”?  (Watch this… READ MORE >


Well, it’s been pretty quiet on the blog front of late, my apologies! That’s what happens when you have a few too many things on your plate all at once. June was indeed a busy month with our Travel Photography Awards competition closing on the 30th, I was booked to be shooting in Fiji for a full month (followed by only a week at home before heading out again to China), I had three speaking engagements to deliver to different groups within the photographic community and… READ MORE >


It is frequently said that I have worked in over 40 different countries around the world – and I certainly have (in fact I think the latest count is actually over 45).  But the more pertinent question would have to be; to which countries do I regularly return? Obviously my work plays a big part in that – many times I don’t have a choice and I’m sent to wherever my clients need me.  Other times I have developed personal favourites and will look for opportunities… READ MORE >


Many of you know this image as one of Chris’s more well-know photographs.  But maybe not so many of you know the story of this adventure, nor what it is like to experience the Lost World of Waitomo Caves in New Zealand.  I thought I’d share here an old story written about my trip into this cave, and what this subterranean adventure actually involves.  Read on and Enjoy!! Finally, a trip that on the surface looks like it should carry a “Not for the faint-hearted” warning… READ MORE >

D-Photo Off Location - PhotoTorial-1

For this month’s regular “On Location” article in D-Photo Magazine, we instead put together an “Off Location” story, based on our behind the scenes experience in developing our new app PhotoTorial.  Read on for more… On Off Location – It’s ‘APPy Hour! Anyone in the business of photography will tell you that for every photo they take, there is an equal amount of time (often more) spent working behind the scenes.  Not only in the preparation, planning and post-production of that specific photo or photo-shoot, but… READ MORE >

Sunrise 1

Here’s a little science lesson for you.  The colour of the sky is perceived as “blue” due to the tiny particles and chemicals present in the earth’s atmosphere between ourselves and the sun.  As we look through these particles, they create the colour we see in the sky.  Closest to the earth, those particles are mainly nitrogen and oxygen molecules.  However there will also be dust, debris and pollutants stirred up by the earth’s inhabitants (yes, that’s us).  Commonly referred to as smog, in some countries… READ MORE >

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