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Chris McLennan on his experiences as a travel photographer. Excerpt’s from local NZ TV documentary on “the arts”, filmed and produced by Ashley McKenzie. Includes some of Chris’s fantastic imagery, as well as his views on how he has made it as a successful New Zealand photographer working on the international scene. Always wanted to be a travel photographer yourself?  This is how to make it happen…


This place isn’t called the “Lost World” for nothing. As I squeeze between limestone columns – formed as the stalactites dripping from the ceiling join with their stalagmite partners from the floor – and finally wedge myself under a ledge of immense rock partway up a cave wall, I realise that I am literally quite “lost” in here.  Not just in the maze of caverns, tunnels and canyons that form this area of Waitomo in New Zealand, but even more so in the natural beauty and… READ MORE >

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