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Many of you know this image as one of Chris’s more well-know photographs.  But maybe not so many of you know the story of this adventure, nor what it is like to experience the Lost World of Waitomo Caves in New Zealand.  I thought I’d share here an old story written about my trip into this cave, and what this subterranean adventure actually involves.  Read on and Enjoy!! Finally, a trip that on the surface looks like it should carry a “Not for the faint-hearted” warning… READ MORE >

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For those of you in Germany, it was great to see this profile on Chris in the latest issue of Pictures Magazine (http://www.pictures-magazin.de/). This was a special edition of the magazine, printed larger than normal on high-quality photographic paper, featuring travel and outdoor photography from around the world and profiling “experts in the field of outdoor photography”.  So it was fantastic to be included. Here are the page layouts of the article on Chris, or click the link at the bottom of the post to download… READ MORE >


After getting the taste for small(er) sharks in Tahiti it was time to step up the game and check out the big boys.  The Great White Sharks of South Africa! I was co-leading a photography workshop with Journeys Unforgettable and we had a small group of photography enthusiasts hungry to get the ultimate shark shot.  It was a very early morning start to drive from Capetown to False Bay in time to be on the water well before sunrise.  After a thorough briefing from the crew… READ MORE >

D-Photo On location Sep Issue

8am:  BoraBora Lagoon, French Polynesia.  The weather was perfect, the seas were calm, my snorkelling gear was packed…  Sometimes you just know you are in for a good day! We were on our way by local boat across crystal clear waters – so translucent you felt like you were floating on air – to explore the underwater sea life of BoraBora Lagoon. My goal for the morning was to shoot a split under/over water image showing the sea life below and the iconic Mount Otemanu above… READ MORE >

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On a recent photo shoot in the USA and after many days on the road, I dragged myself out of bed in Moab at around 3.30am to set off for the drive and hike to photograph sunrise at the spectacular Mesa Arch.  After a 40 minute drive followed by a short hike down the trail lit only by headlamp, I reached the location in plenty of time… and all in one piece!  All I could think of while walking in the dark, stepping over rocks and gnarled roots, were… READ MORE >


For some time I had planned this shot in my head.  My goal was to use the Canon 8-15mm fisheye zoom at 8mm on a full frame camera and shoot from high up the mast during my upcoming TuiTai photography expedition.  This would give me a ”globe perspective” of the boat in its lovely setting amongst the Fiji Islands.  I knew the exact look I wanted to create – but as always there were just a few logistical challenges along the way. Initially I was hoisted… READ MORE >

Bears in their natural habitat

Here are a couple of interesting facts for you: A single adult grizzly bear in Alaska can weigh up to 800kgs in prime condition – that’s about the combined weight of the All Blacks forward pack… During the summer season and the height of the salmon run these huge bears eat around 40kg of salmon every day… Whereas I weigh in at well under 80kg’s (not even twice their daily consumption) and can only eat about 200grams of salmon in a sitting.  Do the math, it’s… READ MORE >


This place isn’t called the “Lost World” for nothing. As I squeeze between limestone columns – formed as the stalactites dripping from the ceiling join with their stalagmite partners from the floor – and finally wedge myself under a ledge of immense rock partway up a cave wall, I realise that I am literally quite “lost” in here.  Not just in the maze of caverns, tunnels and canyons that form this area of Waitomo in New Zealand, but even more so in the natural beauty and… READ MORE >


My travels have seen me visit many so called primitive cultures before.  However in reality it wasn’t unusual to turn up to an ethnic village ready to photograph their cultural ways only to see a brand new 4×4 parked behind the grass huts and mobile phones and other western devices in use… But this was different – this was Papua New Guinea!  And it was here that I was going to witness genuine culture amongst the tribal people of PNG’s remote interior. From the crowds waiting… READ MORE >


For those of you following my Facebook page, you will by now know I made it home from Alaska in one piece, no frostbite or hypothermia evident…  But what a blast!  Literally! I arrived in Alaska after a week on the snow in the mountains of Colorado to acclimatize.  And yet I was still instantly amazed!  Although I was incredibly lucky on this trip with fantastic weather (I don’t think it dropped below minus 40 degrees Celsius, which is saying something), this place still blows my… READ MORE >


My tripod bumped to one side and I felt a spray of water as I heard the thunder of a heavy, running animal (only slightly louder than the hammering of my heart), closely followed by the intense odor of wet fur and fish.  Yes I was finally here in Alaska, in the thick of the Salmon run and surrounded by the concentrated feeding frenzy of the grizzly bears.  I was sure glad I wasn’t included on the menu!  I would have been an easy target for the huge… READ MORE >

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