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After making some pretty big promises last year the Travel Photography Awards are finally here and they are everything we said they would be! Your chance to win big!! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE A FREE TRIP TO THE ISLANDS OF TAHITI…? Well, its not impossible, somebody has to win!! So why don’t you visit the site and see what all the hype is about. There’s a prize package that includes a one-on-one mentored trip to the Islands of Tahiti with Chris (7 nights including flights, accommodation,… READ MORE >

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I was in Australia recently for a few meetings, and while there was fortunate to attend the HP launch of their new tablets, the HP ElitePad and the HP ENVY x2. These will be available sometime early next year, and yes I’ve definitely put my name down on that waiting list! For those of you out there with Apple iPads or other branded tablets, these new devices are pretty unique and will really challenge the current tablets on the market in a whole new way. I came… READ MORE >


In 2011 Chris traveled by snowmobile around 1200km’s across frozen Alaska to follow and photograph the Iditarod Dog Sled race. As part of that journey, he used video to document the equipment he used along the way, and how it performed in such extreme conditions. This is the HP video created as part of that adventure, which I don’t believe I have shared with you before on the blog site. If you are thinking about mobile workstations, and how today’s digital photographers can make their business… READ MORE >


This is another video from my 2011 expedition to Alaska, where I travelled around 1200kms on snowmobile to follow the Iditarod dog sled race, in conditions reaching minus 50 degrees…  A GREAT opportunity to test my gear!  Including the HP Dreamcolour laptop I use for all my image work when out in the field.  You can see the results – my fingers froze, my eyelashes froze, we had to melt our water each day as everything froze the minute we left our teepee…  Yet my gear… READ MORE >

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