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Is there a secret to better wildlife photography?  For those of you following the blog, you will know that Chris just spent a couple of weeks in South Africa with Journeys’ Unforgettable as a photo guide on their “Africa Big 5″ Photo Safari.  Followed by a week in Alaska hosting a group to photography the grizzly bears.  It’s easy to get great photos when you have an expert beside you offering tips and advice and providing hands-on tuition and guidance!  But how about some user-friendly tips… READ MORE >


“Thinking outside the square” is a term commonly used in photography circles.  I like to think it refers to the opportunity – and the challenge – that those working in the creative field have to break the rules!  When so much of our life is governed by rules and regulations, including both the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography it would seem, it is fantastic to take a step outside of those rules and experiment once in awhile. A few tips for taking photos that are… READ MORE >


Which comes first, the successful photographer or the business photographer’s success? One of the biggest challenges facing professional photographers is how to attract, build and hold on to a successful client base. Particularly now with the continued advancements in digital photography meaning more and more people are taking up photography as their choice of career. The ability to send digital images quickly and effortlessly around the world has meant that New Zealand photographers are much more likely to be competing on an international stage. Which isn’t… READ MORE >


Its always great to have a number of shots in your portfolio that people come back to again and again…  My freestyle Motorcross shot of Levi Sherwood is that kind of image, and I still get asked on a regular basis – “How did you get that shot”? Popular Photography Magazine in the US ran a “How To” article on this photo, and so I’ve included it here for those of you interested. I think the highest praise I have received for this image (apart from… READ MORE >


For some time I had planned this shot in my head.  My goal was to use the Canon 8-15mm fisheye zoom at 8mm on a full frame camera and shoot from high up the mast during my upcoming TuiTai photography expedition.  This would give me a ”globe perspective” of the boat in its lovely setting amongst the Fiji Islands.  I knew the exact look I wanted to create – but as always there were just a few logistical challenges along the way. Initially I was hoisted… READ MORE >

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