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Hahnel Tuff TTL

Congratulations to DELENA NATHURAN, April’s winner for subscribing to Beyondf8.com. Delena has won a brand new World Travel USB Charger 2, as well as a Tuff TTL wireless flash trigger from Hahnel.  We will be sending these out to Delena shortly. World Travel Charger: Ideal mobile USB power source for travel all over the world.  The charger is supplied with interchangeable plugs for use in Europe, UK, USA and Australia.  It has two USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices at the same time. A… READ MORE >

Hahnel World Travel Charger

Its that time again…  Spread the word and have all your photography friends and family subscribe to Beyondf8.com so they can get all the same exciting photography stories, news and reviews you do, and they will go in the draw to win some free product from one of our great sponsors – Hahnel. Up for grabs for all new subscribers for the month of April only we have one Hahnel World Travel Charger 2 (a very handy little device that has 2 USB outlets in the… READ MORE >


For a recent conceptual photo shoot I did at Muriwai Beach near Auckland, I wanted to photograph a ballerina “in flight” inside the fantastic cave at Maori Bay.  This is a cave that has two entrances, a larger one on the beach and a smaller opening out the front facing the sea.  I wanted to use different speedlite groups to light both the ballerina and also the faceted interior of the cave, and so I chose to use the new Viper wireless flash transmitter and receivers… READ MORE >


This is a video of a mountain biking shoot I did out in Woodhill Forest. It was a shot I had planned in my head after riding past this nearly vertical ramp a number of times, and so it was just a matter of seeing if my “idea” could become reality!  I was going to be using the Hahnel Tuff TTL to remotely fire my flash, which was mounted on the ramp the mountain biker was going to ride. I wanted to light him very dramatically… READ MORE >


In 2011 I travelled to Alaska to photograph the famous Iditarod dog sled race.  I was going to be travelling around 1200 km’s on snow machine in conditions of around minus 40 to minus 50. Sounds like fun! It was a great opportunity to put all of the equipment I use for my various travel shoots to a real test, in some of the harshest conditions they were ever likely to face! You can view here a video of the Hahnel Inspire transmitter and receiver I… READ MORE >

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