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Chris Canon lens review

On opening the box of the new 300/2.8, I was amazed by how small and light it was!! Size isn’t everything, right? But this certainly proved to be the case here with this new addition punching well above its weight!! However, the new 400 was the one I really wanted to test as I own and love the previous version. Once I used the Mark II model, I found it had a more ergonomic feel and a very significant reduction in weight. This combined with the improved image stabilisation… READ MORE >


As an international travel photographer, my work sees me in all corners of the globe visiting a host of extreme locations. This can be anywhere from the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the Arctic Ice of Alaska.   Rab’s fantastic range of outdoor clothing offers a solution for every environment. I use a variety of Rab clothing and always have the perfect technical wear to keep me warm, dry and comfortable!  This is a  huge help and allows me to focus on my creativity, not my… READ MORE >

Well if you guessed a bunch of camera gear, lens tissues, a few filters and a tripod, you’d be right!! But what about all those other silly little things that good photographers end up with in their “kit”?  Strange items that for whatever reason have made the photographer’s job that little bit easier, and have therefore become a standard item on their “can’t do without” list? I braved fire and brimstone, (well, just a locked door actually) to find Chris’s favourite camera backpack and completely empty… READ MORE >

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