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For this month’s regular “On Location” article in D-Photo Magazine, we instead put together an “Off Location” story, based on our behind the scenes experience in developing our new app PhotoTorial.  Read on for more… On Off Location – It’s ‘APPy Hour! Anyone in the business of photography will tell you that for every photo they take, there is an equal amount of time (often more) spent working behind the scenes.  Not only in the preparation, planning and post-production of that specific photo or photo-shoot, but… READ MORE >


During a recent Photo Tour to Africa with Journeys Unforgettable I spent some time shooting from an underground hide in Mashatu, Botswana. The hide had been crafted from an unused shipping container and was buried next to a remote watering hole. Purpose-fitted for photography, it is accessed via a trapdoor at one end, while logs have been stacked on top to prevent wandering elephants from walking over it and dropping in for a visit. A rubber floor to keep it quiet and a chest-level rubber-coated bench… READ MORE >


After getting the taste for small(er) sharks in Tahiti it was time to step up the game and check out the big boys.  The Great White Sharks of South Africa! I was co-leading a photography workshop with Journeys Unforgettable and we had a small group of photography enthusiasts hungry to get the ultimate shark shot.  It was a very early morning start to drive from Capetown to False Bay in time to be on the water well before sunrise.  After a thorough briefing from the crew… READ MORE >

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8am:  BoraBora Lagoon, French Polynesia.  The weather was perfect, the seas were calm, my snorkelling gear was packed…  Sometimes you just know you are in for a good day! We were on our way by local boat across crystal clear waters – so translucent you felt like you were floating on air – to explore the underwater sea life of BoraBora Lagoon. My goal for the morning was to shoot a split under/over water image showing the sea life below and the iconic Mount Otemanu above… READ MORE >


For some time I had planned this shot in my head.  My goal was to use the Canon 8-15mm fisheye zoom at 8mm on a full frame camera and shoot from high up the mast during my upcoming TuiTai photography expedition.  This would give me a ”globe perspective” of the boat in its lovely setting amongst the Fiji Islands.  I knew the exact look I wanted to create – but as always there were just a few logistical challenges along the way. Initially I was hoisted… READ MORE >

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