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After getting the taste for small(er) sharks in Tahiti it was time to step up the game and check out the big boys.  The Great White Sharks of South Africa! I was co-leading a photography workshop with Journeys Unforgettable and we had a small group of photography enthusiasts hungry to get the ultimate shark shot.  It was a very early morning start to drive from Capetown to False Bay in time to be on the water well before sunrise.  After a thorough briefing from the crew… READ MORE >

Summit Lake on the Seward Scenic Highway between Anchorage and Seward, Alaska.

During my recent photography workshop in Alaska, we were driving from Anchorage to Seward to photograph Humpback Whales.  Along the way we stopped at Summit Lake for a late lunch. It was starting to rain but the view across the lake to the stormy mountains was stunning.  I wanted to capture a shot showing the reeds and rain on the water in the foreground and still pull in the background mountains with a long lens.  This posed the problem of having enough depth of field for… READ MORE >


The first two rounds of judging in the prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year awards have been completed, and it was great to receive notification this morning that  four FIVE (recent update) of Chris’s eight entries made it into the list of finalists.  (Final competition winners are announced in December). The travel photography awards are an open competition for amateur and professional photographers of any age world-wide, and are seen as the premier awards for travel photography. This year’s categories included portfolio entries in People Watching, Wild… READ MORE >


In its native Maori tongue New Zealand is called “Aotearoa”, meaning “Land of the Long White Cloud”.  And it’s not hard to see why.  Look at satellite pictures of New Zealand and you’ll see two long skinny islands with a smaller dot of land below, defined by a backbone of mountains running almost the length of the country.  If you can see the mountains beneath the long line of white cloud that is. The Southern Alps that form the spine of New Zealand sit abreast the… READ MORE >

canon 1dx

I was looking forward to the release of the EOS-1D X because I’d heard about the new developments in the sensor, the exposure system and in the AF System. The fact that the EOS-1D X was going to replace the EOS-1D Mark IV and the EOS-1Ds Mark III which is the earlier full frame sensor camera makes it a much more practical tool for the work that I do. My plan was to start using two EOS-1D X cameras instead of one of each of the other models…. READ MORE >


I frequently receive requests asking for background information on Chris; why he became a photographer (would you believe he actually trained as a butcher)? Defining moments in his career (what night school can do for you), how he started out (overnight studio owner) and much, much more. I therefore thought it might be nice to pop a link online to two fabulous articles that have been written about him in the past, both of which contain answers to most of these questions. The first is the… READ MORE >


“Thinking outside the square” is a term commonly used in photography circles.  I like to think it refers to the opportunity – and the challenge – that those working in the creative field have to break the rules!  When so much of our life is governed by rules and regulations, including both the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography it would seem, it is fantastic to take a step outside of those rules and experiment once in awhile. A few tips for taking photos that are… READ MORE >


Sunday News features a story and images on Chris McLennan, August 2012. “Chris McLennan has one of the most exhilarating jobs in the world.  The Kiwi wildlife photographer travels the planet, getting up close and personal with some of its most ferocious predators.  Tracking lions and leopards, staring into the jaws of man-eating crocodiles, and leaping into water alongside great white sharks, are all in a day’s work…”. Click to download PDF file and read the full article.


Which comes first, the successful photographer or the business photographer’s success? One of the biggest challenges facing professional photographers is how to attract, build and hold on to a successful client base. Particularly now with the continued advancements in digital photography meaning more and more people are taking up photography as their choice of career. The ability to send digital images quickly and effortlessly around the world has meant that New Zealand photographers are much more likely to be competing on an international stage. Which isn’t… READ MORE >


This is a video of a mountain biking shoot I did out in Woodhill Forest. It was a shot I had planned in my head after riding past this nearly vertical ramp a number of times, and so it was just a matter of seeing if my “idea” could become reality!  I was going to be using the Hahnel Tuff TTL to remotely fire my flash, which was mounted on the ramp the mountain biker was going to ride. I wanted to light him very dramatically… READ MORE >


Its always great to have a number of shots in your portfolio that people come back to again and again…  My freestyle Motorcross shot of Levi Sherwood is that kind of image, and I still get asked on a regular basis – “How did you get that shot”? Popular Photography Magazine in the US ran a “How To” article on this photo, and so I’ve included it here for those of you interested. I think the highest praise I have received for this image (apart from… READ MORE >

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