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PhotoTorial PRO

For the thousands of you who have already downloaded our free app PhotoTorial, we’ve now released a PRO version which includes ALL of the available in-app purchase content for a one-time only price of US$14.99.  Check it out on iTunes here. PhotoTorial Pro has over two hundred pages worth of information and photos all designed to help you become a better and more successful photographer, from unleashing your creative potential right through to developing and running your own business. The app includes an IMAGE ALBUMS section… READ MORE >

Sunrise 1

Here’s a little science lesson for you.  The colour of the sky is perceived as “blue” due to the tiny particles and chemicals present in the earth’s atmosphere between ourselves and the sun.  As we look through these particles, they create the colour we see in the sky.  Closest to the earth, those particles are mainly nitrogen and oxygen molecules.  However there will also be dust, debris and pollutants stirred up by the earth’s inhabitants (yes, that’s us).  Commonly referred to as smog, in some countries… READ MORE >

Hahnel Tuff TTL

Congratulations to DELENA NATHURAN, April’s winner for subscribing to Beyondf8.com. Delena has won a brand new World Travel USB Charger 2, as well as a Tuff TTL wireless flash trigger from Hahnel.  We will be sending these out to Delena shortly. World Travel Charger: Ideal mobile USB power source for travel all over the world.  The charger is supplied with interchangeable plugs for use in Europe, UK, USA and Australia.  It has two USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices at the same time. A… READ MORE >


On a recent photography assignment I was creating some very hi-res animal portraits at the Auckland Zoo.  These images are part of a project I am doing in conjunction with some of my sponsors and the Auckland Zoo, which will bring exposure to the great breeding and in-the-wild conservation projects that the Zoo is involved with. The resulting images will be on display for the first time ever as part of Auckland’s Festival of Photography during an exhibition I am holding at Shed Five in Wellesley… READ MORE >

Hahnel World Travel Charger

Its that time again…  Spread the word and have all your photography friends and family subscribe to Beyondf8.com so they can get all the same exciting photography stories, news and reviews you do, and they will go in the draw to win some free product from one of our great sponsors – Hahnel. Up for grabs for all new subscribers for the month of April only we have one Hahnel World Travel Charger 2 (a very handy little device that has 2 USB outlets in the… READ MORE >

512X512 App Store Icon

You heard it here first!  Only a week to go and our brand new “PhotoTorial” app will be available on the App Store.  WE CAN’T WAIT!! As always with these things, the development process took slightly longer than we expected, which is a good thing and a bad thing.  Good because it meant we had more time to put more effort, more content, and more commitment into the entire process – which has been a hugely thrilling experience for us.  And bad because it has meant… READ MORE >


Chris McLennan has been a visitor to and photographer of Fiji for nearly 20 years now, which makes his ongoing dedication to capturing beautiful images of these stunning islands all the more impressive.  Like people often say, “it must be something in the water” that keeps him coming back. Considering that Fiji is made up of over 330 islands, plus another 500 ‘islets’, of all shapes and sizes and all floating atop crystal clear blue waters of varying hues and shades, that “there is something in… READ MORE >


On a recent exploratory photography trip around the South Island of New Zealand I had the opportunity to put the new Lowepro Rover Pro 45L AW to the test. On first inspection of the pack it looked great, with a rugged outdoors feel in a nicely textured subtle blue.  The two removable camera equipment pods appeared quite small at first – but looks can be deceiving!  I was actually able to house a Nikon D800 with vertical grip and 70-200mm 2.8 lens attached as well as… READ MORE >


For a recent conceptual photo shoot I did at Muriwai Beach near Auckland, I wanted to photograph a ballerina “in flight” inside the fantastic cave at Maori Bay.  This is a cave that has two entrances, a larger one on the beach and a smaller opening out the front facing the sea.  I wanted to use different speedlite groups to light both the ballerina and also the faceted interior of the cave, and so I chose to use the new Viper wireless flash transmitter and receivers… READ MORE >

McLennan_Lexar Beyondf8 Subscription Winner Dec 12

Thanks to everyone who subscribed to Beyondf8 while we ran our Lexar Free Giveaway. We are delighted to have welcomed 394 new subscribers on board – we hope you are all enjoying the site! By now you should have all received a welcome newsletter. Our next newsletter is due out at Christmas, (we are just waiting on the final details of our Travel Photography Tutorial APP and the Travel Photography Awards so that we can give you all of the information on these exciting new products… READ MORE >

The value of a good memory card...

With the ever changing technology of the photographic industry leading to faster frame rates, hi definition video and larger image file sizes, the demands placed on our memory cards have never been greater. The new Lexar 1000x UDMA CF cards that I have been using certainly stand up to the test, and comfortably so.  I use two of these cards side by side in my 1dx – with a write speed of 145 MB/s they are incredibly fast.  In practical terms, that camera / card combination… READ MORE >

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