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In 2011 I travelled to Alaska to photograph the famous Iditarod dog sled race.  I was going to be travelling around 1200 km’s on snow machine in conditions of around minus 40 to minus 50. Sounds like fun! It was a great opportunity to put all of the equipment I use for my various travel shoots to a real test, in some of the harshest conditions they were ever likely to face! You can view here a video of the Hahnel Inspire transmitter and receiver I… READ MORE >


For those of you following my Facebook page, you will by now know I made it home from Alaska in one piece, no frostbite or hypothermia evident…  But what a blast!  Literally! I arrived in Alaska after a week on the snow in the mountains of Colorado to acclimatize.  And yet I was still instantly amazed!  Although I was incredibly lucky on this trip with fantastic weather (I don’t think it dropped below minus 40 degrees Celsius, which is saying something), this place still blows my… READ MORE >


My tripod bumped to one side and I felt a spray of water as I heard the thunder of a heavy, running animal (only slightly louder than the hammering of my heart), closely followed by the intense odor of wet fur and fish.  Yes I was finally here in Alaska, in the thick of the Salmon run and surrounded by the concentrated feeding frenzy of the grizzly bears.  I was sure glad I wasn’t included on the menu!  I would have been an easy target for the huge… READ MORE >


Having just left the ski fields of Vail and a tropical minus 10, I was now back in Fairbanks, Alaska for the second time – at minus 35!  My hosts from the Alaska Travel Industry Association had pulled together an amazing itinerary and I was thrilled to be here in the icy throes of winter. My first challenge; to photograph the wonder of the Northern Lights or “Aurora Borealis”, so named after the Greek Goddess of dawn ‘Aurora’ and the Greek name for the Northern wind… READ MORE >

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