You heard it here first!  Only a week to go and our brand new “PhotoTorial” app will be available on the App Store.  WE CAN’T WAIT!!

As always with these things, the development process took slightly longer than we expected, which is a good thing and a bad thing.  Good because it meant we had more time to put more effort, more content, and more commitment into the entire process – which has been a hugely thrilling experience for us.  And bad because it has meant we’ve all had to wait that little bit longer…

But the really, really good news is that it has been well worth the wait.  We are so excited about this product and we think its going to be such a valuable and useful tool for so many enthusiastic and aspiring photographers out there.  It is jam packed full of great content, and looks absolutely fantastic on the iPad (and iPhone).

So how about a sneak preview?

This is our app icon, isn’t it fantastic?


And when you open up the app, it looks like this…

There are four main sections – Images, Articles, Tutorials and a Field Guide.

It is FREE to download and includes a mix of free and paid content (using in-app purchasing) and is basically designed to be a complete resource for anyone wishing to be a professional photographer, in particular a professional travel photographer.  We think you will love it!!

Here’s the blurb about the app, and at the bottom of the page I’ve included some additional screen clips for you.  So make sure you look for it on iTunes from about mid March, and let us know what you think!  The more feedback we receive the quicker we’ll add additional and new content…  So make sure you download your FREE copy as soon as you can.


At last, a photography app designed for all enthusiastic and aspiring photographers, focused on the kind of photography you want to be doing, and brought to you by one of the world’s leading travel photographers; Chris McLennan. 

Including both free and paid content, why not try before you buy?  We are confident you will love everything you see in this amazing new app, designed to help take your photography to the next level.

First, share in some of Chris’s amazing IMAGERY from around the world – including camera settings and additional info for all photos.  Read how he took each shot, why he used the camera settings he did, and even learn a little something about the amazing subjects, locations and cultures he has photographed in over 40 different countries to date!  All shown full screen in amazing HD, with options to save images to a favorites folder, view as a slide show, or save them to your device’s camera roll to use as wallpapers.  Purchase additional albums at any time.

Open the free ARTICLES section to read articles written by Chris about his work and behind the scenes stories from some of his more adventurous and exciting projects.  For anyone photography mad or simply into a bit of travel and adventure, these make for great reading.  Four articles included, with additional free articles pushed to the app whenever released.

Then once you are feeling inspired, use in-app purchasing to access the TUTORIAL section for an in-depth 30-page tutorial on how to become a professional travel photographer.  Including how to start up and grow your own business, the logistics of travel photography, and how to be a better and more creative photographer.  Written by Chris this is invaluable information from a working professional with 25 year’s commercial experience in the photographic industry.

Use the pocket FIELD GUIDE to improve your understanding of the basics of photography, including information on ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, DSLR Shooting Modes, Exposure, Composition, Lighting and more (in-app purchase).  With stunning image examples included to show you exactly how it is done.  And because the app doesn’t require an internet connection to run, once downloaded the information is always with you – even when you are off the beaten track and out of range (where all good travel photographers should be)!

Beautifully designed this app is not only informative, practical and extremely helpful; but it is a joy to use as you swipe through the various sections with full screen HD images and a stylish interface at your fingertips.  Download it now, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed! 

Screen Clips:

All content copyright Chris McLennan Photography Ltd

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  1. Finally!!! I am so looking forward to this App! Chris has been such an inspiration to me and this App will be very useful in the field!

  2. This app will be so awesome. Looking forward to checking it out. Lots of inspiration to be had.

  3. Just downloaded the app, and it’s looking great on my Mini iPad. Will be a great tool to have to encourage myself . Thanks so much.

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