Stage one of a two stage project to photograph the stunning Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort and Spa… Having never been to the Maldives before I was not only looking forward to the shoot, but also to seeing and experiencing a new destination. Tropical waters? Tick… Tropical heat? Tick… Tropical photo ops? ¬†…You bet ya!!

Overlooking the Indian Ocean, the resort is easily reached by quick boat ride from Male International Airport but seems a world apart once you arrive. We were quick to settle in and the following day was spent on a reconnaissance of the resort and the areas we would be photographing. In particular, we were hoping for settled weather so that I could capture plenty of drone aerials of the facilities, which were spread out amongst lazily waving palm trees dotting the sandy island shores. Bure accommodation were scattered over the water, with sweeping wooden walkways linking everything together.  Rooms were light and airy with the turquoise waters sparkling nearby.

It was under the surface of that water that I captured one of my favourite images from the shoot, a dramatic image of our model snorkeling past some brightly coloured coral and sea anemones. The clarity of the water allowed maximum light to penetrate, resulting in a striking image with good definition and colour. Stoked!

The overall results were fantastic and I look forward to returning in 2017 for Stage two of the project.


All images copyright Chris McLennan

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