As an international travel photographer, my work sees me in all corners of the globe visiting a host of extreme locations.

This can be anywhere from the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the Arctic Ice of Alaska.   Rab’s fantastic range of outdoor clothing offers a solution for every environment.

I use a variety of Rab clothing and always have the perfect technical wear to keep me warm, dry and comfortable!  This is a  huge help and allows me to focus on my creativity, not my survival!

On a recent assignment I drove a snow machine 1200 km’s across Alaska covering the Iditarod dog sled race; where temperatures regularly drop below minus 40 Celsius and the wind chill can push it even lower.  We camped in tents on the ice, melting our drinking water and fighting extreme conditions.  Yet with my Rab Expedition clothing and sleeping bag I was never once hampered by the cold.

Another successful ‘day in the office’!  Thanks Rab.

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