Whoa!  A photography website with hot deals?  Check it out…

Like all of us in the photographic industry, much of our time when NOT spent looking through the lens of a camera (well Chris that is, I’m usually trying to look over his shoulder)… is spent trawling through the internet looking at various pages of information ABOUT photography.

Even after 25 years working commercially in the industry, it is still such an interesting topic! This is because it is ever evolving, ever changing…  Someone is always trying new ideas or coming up with a new way of “seeing” something, and I love that we are now so able to share all of that information quickly and easily with each other.

Which is pretty much why we came up with the Beyondf8 blog site in the first place…!

So, here’s another little gem of a website I found recently.

Founded in December 2011 by Kevin Tang and Eric Yang (two hobbyist photographers still in college), PhotoWhoa is a site offering affordable photographic products to photographers wishing to improve their photography.

PhotoWhoa uses bulk buying power to obtain discounts on a number of products, which they offer as “deals” to their photographic members.  There are around 8 to 10 new deals per month (mostly digital software, DVD’s and e-books, though they do sell some hardware – I’ve seen flashes, wireless triggers and camera straps on there as well).  The deals are often the products of photographers themselves, which I always love to see – photographers putting their experience and expertise out there for others to appreciate and benefit from.

What I also liked was there were a number of free deals as well.  We’ve listed our own PhotoTorial app on there to see how it goes.

With tens of thousands of subscribers already, why don’t you check it out and add it to your own bookmark list?  For anyone looking to improve their photography, I know this will be a valuable resource.


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  1. So the D 600 it is on May 4. Will you clean my oil stains bros.

    • Hi Steve
      Sorry, I know you’ve been trying to track Chris down but he’s been out of range all of this week. (Leading a photo tour hike at Lake Waikaremoana). Interestingly, I just borrowed his D600 for the first time on the weekend to take to the kids’ soccer games (he didn’t take all of his gear with him on the hike), and I totally fell in love! And I’m not even a photographer, just married to one!! I used it on continuous focus with a long lens and took around 300 photos over two soccer games (both our daughters play). I probably deleted around 20 shots that weren’t sharp, and the rest are all rippers! I got great photos of every single kid in both my daughters’ teams, including mid-air action!! He is sooo not getting that D600 back when he returns to the office, already trying to work out where I can hide it… I know you are going to love yours! Good luck. :-)
      Cheers, Catherine

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