For the thousands of you who have already downloaded our free app PhotoTorial, we’ve now released a PRO version which includes ALL of the available in-app purchase content for a one-time only price of US$14.99.  Check it out on iTunes here.

PhotoTorial Pro has over two hundred pages worth of information and photos all designed to help you become a better and more successful photographer, from unleashing your creative potential right through to developing and running your own business.

The app includes an IMAGE ALBUMS section with 80 of Chris’s stunning images – from wildlife through to landscapes – all presented full screen in HD.  Including camera settings and image info for every single image, these are a quick and easy way to improve your understanding of how to take great photos.

The ARTICLES section includes 8 different articles all written by Chris and covering topics such as becoming a professional photographer, how to succeed in business and behind the scenes stories from some of his more adventurous projects like Papua New Guinea and Alaska.

The TUTORIAL section contains a 30 page Travel Photography Tutorial based on becoming a professional travel photographer, from starting up your own business through to the logistics of travel photography, and how to take more creative travel photos.  Packed with images and examples throughout, this is a great resource to inspire you to take the next step in your photography career.

And lastly, use the 30 page FIELD GUIDE to better understand the basics of DSLR photography, including camera settings, shooting modes, composition, lighting, exposure and more.  This is a fantastic tool you will refer to again and again as you come to understand and utilise all of the settings, equipment and tools available to you as a professional photographer.

We know you are going to love this app, so download it now and get learning!!

Watch for my behind the scenes article on the process involved in creating the app, out now in this month’s issue of D-Photo Magazine.

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