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It’s no secret that I travel a lot for work, and from the number and variety of locations I have been fortunate to visit it’s hard to pick a firm favourite.  But it’s also no secret that if asked, the wilds of Alaska are always somewhere at the top of that list.  I’m not sure what it is about this incredible destination – the largest yet most sparsely populated of the US States and yet a world apart in so many ways – but something about… READ MORE >

Fashion Show 4

Here’s something a little different. As part of my current work for Tourism and Events Queensland, I have been photographing a number of events around Australia, including most recently, the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair. Currently in its sixth year, this is a festival that highlights Australia’s truly unique aboriginal culture and showcases the visual art of Queensland’s First Nation. Featuring not only traditional art pieces but also performance through song, dance, fashion, screen and theatre – alongside an Art Market, workshops and informative talks – this… READ MORE >

McLennan_811_1004dn copy

For nearly ten years Chris has been trying to get me to join him on one of his trips to the US. For some reason I am always dragging my feet and coming up with excuses, most of which are based on the winter temperatures involved as he is usually over there for ski shoots. This year was no different, Chris was scheduled to be at Snowshoe Resort in West Virginia followed by a quick stop in Colorado. As always the temperatures were in their extremes… READ MORE >


Imagine what it feels like to fly… Shooting still images from an aerial perspective certainly isn’t a new thing, I’ve stopped counting the number of times I’ve been in a helicopter for commercial clients and other photography projects.  However shooting aerials in a slightly more creative way, or in locations a little trickier than can be achieved from a plane or a helicopter, has always interested me.  In fact for the last twenty-five years I’ve had my fair share of fun strapping cameras onto various aerial… READ MORE >


“A talented photographer and generous mentor for enthusiasts and up-and-coming photographers, Chris McLennan is a Nikon Ambassador based out of New Zealand and a valued Loweprofessional”.  (Lowepro’s Vimeo channel). To learn more, watch this video put together by Lowepro of Chris at work in the field photographing grizzly bears in Alaska. Hear Chris talk about his profession, how he made it as a successful travel photographer, what he considers important to his job, and what he loves about photography.  Filmed on location in Alaska by Josh… READ MORE >

Chris McLennan Leaping Lion

Late 2014 I was once again travelling to Africa where I would be leading a photographic group on mobile tented safari in Botswana, Southern Africa’s most prestigious wildlife destinations. Although it had been a busy year and I wasn’t looking forward to another long plane ride, once you’ve been “bitten” by the safari bug it’s hard to stay away. As Ernest Hemingway famously said “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy”…  Cheesy though it sounds, alongside Alaska,… READ MORE >

Balloons over Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

“Smoke and mirrors”  (Actually fog and reflections)…  :-) Fellow photographer and friend Mike Hollman and I decided to take a very early morning drive (4am to be exact) from Auckland down to Hamilton to photograph the annual “Hamilton NZ Mass Ascension – Balloons over Waikato” festival.  I hadn’t been to this event before but had always wanted to, so with the forecast looking good the decision was made to jump in the car and go!  We arrived in time to pick a spot and be ready… READ MORE >


You may recall an earlier post about my summer shoot at Snowshoe resort in West Virginia, on the East Coast of the United States of America. This time I was back for a winter shoot and once again the weather and conditions were on our side. From beautiful clear sunny days to fresh powder and an overnight low of minus 25 degrees Celsius, we experienced both extremes! My partners in crime on this shoot were Kalen and Mpaz, on skis and snowboard they helped cart my… READ MORE >


Although I’ve been fortunate to have worked in over 45 different countries with my photography, both the Arctic and Antarctica are very much still on my wish list.  Up until August that is, when I got to cross one of those off! Technically I had already been within the Arctic Circle a number of times during previous shoots in Alaska.  But this time we were heading north by boat – the M/S Stockholm polar expedition vessel to be exact – and we were going to get… READ MORE >

McLennan_Sheraton Huzhou_14_003 copy

In December Chris was once again in China, this time to photograph stage two of the new Sheraton Huzhou Resort and Spa near Hangzhou in the eastern province of Zheijiang. This is a flagship property for Starwood Resorts in Asia, and its not difficult to see why. The main building’s distinctive circular shape has earned it nicknames such as “Horseshoe Hotel” and “Doughnut Hotel” and ensures this remarkable 27 story property stands out in a country where hundreds of new hotels are opening each year. Designed… READ MORE >

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For those of you following Chris on Facebook you will know he has been flying the SteadiDrone UAV multirotors and loving the results he has been getting with his Nikon Coolpix A.  We are currently setting up to take a larger camera on board the Mavrik drone, and are excited about the possibilities this is bringing not only for ourselves, but also for our commercial clients! In fact, we have been so impressed by the SteadiDrone products and the excellent customer service by the manufacturing team… READ MORE >

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