For those of you following Chris on Facebook you will know he has been flying the SteadiDrone UAV multirotors and loving the results he has been getting with his Nikon Coolpix A.  We are currently setting up to take a larger camera on board the Mavrik drone, and are excited about the possibilities this is bringing not only for ourselves, but also for our commercial clients!

In fact, we have been so impressed by the SteadiDrone products and the excellent customer service by the manufacturing team in South Africa that we have become the NZ Reseller and you can now purchase the SteadiDrone products direct from us here in New Zealand.  For a closer look at their range of UAV drones visit our website at

We offer you not only the ability to order the drones and spare parts direct from us, but we also offer a custom build service and tech support through Car-L Innovations where we can set up the drone for you, adding Live View and calibrating it to your camera.  We can also help with simulator training, or even flight training itself if you are Auckland based.

The possibilities are endless and for those photographers wanting to extend their range of services to include aerial photography but don’t want to be limited by a GoPro style camera on a basic consumer type drone, this is a high end solution able to give you quality, high resolution image results.  Just check out some of the image samples below to get an idea of the potential applications.

So if this sounds like you, get in touch and we can chat more about options and the best drone solution for you.

All images Copyright Chris McLennan and taken using the SteadiDrone QU4D multirotor drone.

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