I was recently asked to participate in a project with Nikon NZ, where various photographers were to provide a series of images that reflected their hopes for the future of New Zealand.

For this project, I had to take every photo on the original Nikon F4 FILM camera and using a 14-24mm lens.  After shooting for digital for so many years it was a real mind warp to go back to film again.  Scary and challenging but also fun…

You can see the resulting feature on the Nikon website here, or read below for my thoughts and images.

Nikon – Iconic Futures New Zealand:

Although the world and its technology is changing and developing at an exponential pace, we are fortunate that alongside this incredible growth in science and industry (much of it at the detriment to our planet and its flora and fauna) future generations seem to be more aware of our impact on the environment and what we stand to lose.  Although their modern “social media driven” lifestyles and constant digital engagement, whether for work or for pleasure, means they are less likely to get out there and enjoy it.

Therefore, my hope for the future of New Zealand is that our children and grandchildren will aspire to not only protect and preserve our beautiful environment sustainably, but that we can also encourage future generations to continue the “Kiwi” way of simply getting outside and enjoying recreation in the great outdoors.  In this fast pacing digital world, it is the real things that matter.  Feel the wind in your face, the water on your body, breathe in the smells of the forest, see the beauty of the mountain range, discover Mother Nature’s canvas and feel proud to live and play in one of the most stunning countries on this planet!

And just maybe, we can lead the way for other nations to remember not only how to positively interact with the environment in a sustainable way, but also how to appreciate our time on this earth with fun and enjoyment, kindness and consideration.  Play, be happy, discover the world and share that with others.

Feeling the joy of movement with the world rushing by – Freedom!

Country race day – old school fun in the outdoors.

Dirt sculpted into art for the sole purpose of fun!

The feel of water on your face and adrenaline pumping through your body make you feel alive…

Taking on the primal challenges that only mother nature’s gym can provide.

The smooth glide over crystal clear alpine waters.  We have it pretty darn good here.

The therapeutic and invigorating feel of nature with cool fresh mountain water and smooth stones underfoot.

All images copyright Chris McLennan Photography Ltd.

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