You may recall an earlier post about my summer shoot at Snowshoe resort in West Virginia, on the East Coast of the United States of America. This time I was back for a winter shoot and once again the weather and conditions were on our side. From beautiful clear sunny days to fresh powder and an overnight low of minus 25 degrees Celsius, we experienced both extremes!

My partners in crime on this shoot were Kalen and Mpaz, on skis and snowboard they helped cart my gear, modeled in the photos and were a great pair to work with.  Thanks a bunch guys!

Shooting in the snow (similar to shooting at the beach) requires careful monitoring of your exposures. The landscape acts as a giant reflector which can make for some wonderful lighting in your images, as long as you handle it correctly.  It does also allow you to shoot fully backlit if desired and still get great results and very dramatic images.

For fresh powder shots I tend to set up my locations and have the skier travel a predetermined route, throwing up the snow to catch the light and add drama to the image. At Snowshoe sometimes the powder is so deep you lose the skier completely!

One of the great things about working with a regular client like Snowshoe is the ability to improvise and take steps to ensure the success of the shoot. At the start of the week when the snow hadn’t been as heavy we would scout our locations the day before, then set the snowmakers going in the evening to “blast” the trees I wanted in the background of my shot – creating the ultimate dreamy white winter background!  Later in the week mother nature provided her own snow laden vistas :-)

But at the end of the day the success of the shoot comes down to the location and the team I was working with. Thanks Olaf and Dave for a great project, I can’t wait to get back there in the fall!

All images copyright Chris McLennan

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