Chris McLennan has been a visitor to and photographer of Fiji for nearly 20 years now, which makes his ongoing dedication to capturing beautiful images of these stunning islands all the more impressive.  Like people often say, “it must be something in the water” that keeps him coming back.

Considering that Fiji is made up of over 330 islands, plus another 500 ‘islets’, of all shapes and sizes and all floating atop crystal clear blue waters of varying hues and shades, that “there is something in the water” is really no surprise!

The lure of the tropics has long been at the forefront of the world’s tourism industry and the magic ideal of a holiday by the beach has not dimmed in the 21st century.  The virtual escapism of iPhones and iPads aside, people still choose to get their feet wet and sip cocktails on the sand when seeking out their dream vacation.

So what makes the tropical waters of Fiji so special?  Perhaps it is their clarity – in a world overflowing with people, smog and pollution the sparkling waters of Fiji promise a “cleansing” not only of the body but of the soul.  Or maybe it is the accessibility?  From the resort pool to the white sand beach, nowhere in Fiji need be too distant from their gentle murmur.  Or more likely, it is simply the luxury of casting adrift from the pressures of land, to float once again as we did before birth.

Enjoy Fiji from beneath the surface!

“The Magical Waters of Fiji” as published in Explore Fiji Magazine February 2013 – Anniversary issue.

All images copyright Chris McLennan.  Words by Catherine McLennan.

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