A quick visit to Wellington over the weekend where Chris ran a workshop “Magic Arms and Gaffa Tape” at the recent PSNZ Annual Convention.

Hosted by Macalister Group in Auckland, Chris’s presentation covered the tools of trade required by a travel photographer.  He had the room kitted out with some of the usual – and the not so usual items – that he regularly uses on his travel photography assignments.  (You can see a list of some of the more unusual items Chris doesn’t leave home without here).

Chris used a slide show of on-screen photos to help illustrate how he uses his equipment to create unique and different imagery.  Over two and a half hours it was not only informative and interesting for those who attended, but also a lot of fun as they passed around all of the relevant items and learnt from Chris the importance, and the fun side, of using the right tools to capture the images you have in your mind.

A few key points from the talk:

  • Know your gear – learn your equipment inside out so that using it is second nature.  Once you have seen a photographic opportunity in front of you or created an image in your mind, you want the quickest possible solution to capture that shot – which means knowing which camera, which lens and what settings to use straight away, without having to think about it too much…  The less time you waste in finding the combination you need for your desired results, the more time you have to actually create beautiful images.
  • Take your gear with you – if there is anything in your photography kit that you use to create images specific to you and your style of photography, then make sure you take those items with you!  If in doubt, pack it!  There is nothing worse than being on the other side of the world and realising you can’t achieve the shot you would most like to create because you left an item behind, just to save a few dollars of excess baggage or a bit of weight in your backpack.
  • Take two – if it is a really important item, then take two if you can.  Or at least make sure you have backups of the vital pieces of equipment you can’t complete the project without.
  • Insurance – pretty boring stuff but don’t leave home without it!

Thanks to Macalister Group for inviting Chris to present, and also to all of those who attended, we trust you enjoyed it!

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  1. great points it took me a while to get to grips with all my lenses and think i will be for a while before i master them and know which to use and when

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