Pro shooter Chris McLennan has been using one of the commemorative Flipside 500 AW bags for some time now. So when we launched the

“I love the extra capacity and depth that the FlipSide 500 gives me. This makes it perfect for the Canon “one” series camera body and a range of lenses – yet it is still compact enough to make it quick and mobile. I regularly carry it on my bike or hiking when I don’t need a huge amount of gear. It easily accommodates the new Canon 300mm 2.8 lens on a camera along with several extra lenses.”

Did he say he has the Canon 300mm f/2.8 L? (Sorry, I got distracted for a minute.)

And in terms of the backpack’s usability?

“The actual Flipside feature is fantastic both for security and for being able to put the pack down in snow, sand, or a damp dirty environment, and not have the resulting discomfort against your back… Plus, its low-key looks does not attract unwanted attention.”

So even if you don’t have a 300mm f.2.8, the new Flipside 500 AW is a great outdoor backpack. Just ask Chris.

As interviewed by Derrick Story, ‘Photography Evangelist’ for Lowepro.

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