In 2011 Chris traveled by snowmobile around 1200km’s across frozen Alaska to follow and photograph the Iditarod Dog Sled race. As part of that journey, he used video to document the equipment he used along the way, and how it performed in such extreme conditions.

This is the HP video created as part of that adventure, which I don’t believe I have shared with you before on the blog site. If you are thinking about mobile workstations, and how today’s digital photographers can make their business more portable by using a quality, colour accurate laptop, then this is well worth watching. It also gives you a good idea of the conditions Chris faced during that trip!

Since filming this video, Chris is now on the HP Elitebook 8760w with DreamColor, and still loving it.

For those of you who often ask how Chris gets such amazing colour into his photography, having a colour accurate workflow is definitely part of that equation…

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  1. You have the coolest job! Do you mess with monitor calibration? Is this something you do to your HP Laptop monitor as well? How in the world do you keep your hands warm in -40 weather while photographing? That seems to be the hardest part to keep warm for me in the backcountry of Colorado…but it’s nowhere near that cold! Beautiful
    Work, thanks for sharing your passion with us, it is very inspiring to me.

    • Hi Lori
      I’ll get Chris to come back to you with answers when he’s next in the office. But in brief, yes he uses a calibration tool to calibrate our desktop monitors in the office as well as his laptop – he does this fairly regularly throughout the year. In extreme cold such as Alaska he uses a number of different types of gloves depending on the conditions and how cold it is, usually with slits cut in them so he can remove his trigger finger. Then he wears mittens over the gloves (with a zip across the top of the hand), so when he’s finished shooting he can put his finger back inside his glove, then his gloved hand back inside the mitten. He uses hand warmers inside the mittens. Preparation is always so important, for exactly these reasons. No point being on a photo shoot and getting frost bite in your fingers half way through. So its just a matter of thinking ahead and preparing for the likely conditions you will face. I know it can get really cold in Colorado – especially the backcountry. Good luck and happy shooting!

      • Thank you for your response Catherine. I had a little chuckle about imagining all those gloves and hand warmers and it probably still wasn’t enough! I hear someone talk about an Icelandic trek where they used a pen to push the camera buttons because it was too cold to take their gloves off. Whatever it takes to get the shot. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

  2. Hi Lori, yes color calibration is absolutely critical if you want reliable results. I always keep my monitors carefully calibrated. I use an Eye One tool as well as an HP version for calibration. All the best, Chris

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