Its always great to have a number of shots in your portfolio that people come back to again and again…  My freestyle Motorcross shot of Levi Sherwood is that kind of image, and I still get asked on a regular basis – “How did you get that shot”?

Popular Photography Magazine in the US ran a “How To” article on this photo, and so I’ve included it here for those of you interested.

I think the highest praise I have received for this image (apart from it winning the PDN National Geographic Traveller Outdoor Sports Category in 2010) was a very disgruntled reader who wrote into the magazine with a scathing letter claiming that the image had to have been created in Photoshop and there was no way it could have been “real”.  I sent the RAW file to the magazine to prove that the image is in fact very real, and you see it here as shot.

I’m looking forward to creating more “unreal” images in the future…  :-)


Click the link below to read the set up for this shot.

Popular Photography “How To” article (PDF)

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