For a recent conceptual photo shoot I did at Muriwai Beach near Auckland, I wanted to photograph a ballerina “in flight” inside the fantastic cave at Maori Bay.  This is a cave that has two entrances, a larger one on the beach and a smaller opening out the front facing the sea.  I wanted to use different speedlite groups to light both the ballerina and also the faceted interior of the cave, and so I chose to use the new Viper wireless flash transmitter and receivers recently released by Hahnel.

The Viper is a wireless transmitter for Canon cameras and what makes it so practical is that you can easily control up to three different flash groups (four if you also use the pass through hot shoe) all from the small transmitter unit on your camera.  The controls are super intuitive and very quick and easy to use.  I literally had it on my camera and configured in a matter of minutes, which meant I could get straight into shooting.

The transmitter has three channels, labelled A, B & C.  The receivers have a switch which you set to the corresponding channel before mounting your flash or flash group.  To adjust the channels on the Viper, you simply press the button for that channel then adjust the dial up or down for your desired output setting (or you can turn any channel “Off”, or switch it to “M” for manual).  Simple as that and you are ready to go!

Here are some of the stills from that shoot.  But more importantly, scroll to the bottom to see the Behind the Scenes video, and watch the Viper in action.  It is almost as stunning as Casey, our gorgeous ballerina for this project!




All images copyright Chris McLennan


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  1. Fantastic Chris !! My wife and I sailed and played with your parents in Fiji this past year and their pride in your achievements is obvious. I now understand why !!! Thanks for sharing -

  2. Hi David and Suzi, thanks for that, appreciated :-) (must have been my parents in law). Cheers, Chris

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