Imagine what it feels like to fly… Shooting still images from an aerial perspective certainly isn’t a new thing, I’ve stopped counting the number of times I’ve been in a helicopter for commercial clients and other photography projects.  However shooting aerials in a slightly more creative way, or in locations a little trickier than can be achieved from a plane or a helicopter, has always interested me.  In fact for the last twenty-five years I’ve had my fair share of fun strapping cameras onto various aerial… READ MORE >

Chris McLennan Leaping Lion

Late 2014 I was once again travelling to Africa where I would be leading a photographic group on mobile tented safari in Botswana, Southern Africa’s most prestigious wildlife destinations. Although it had been a busy year and I wasn’t looking forward to another long plane ride, once you’ve been “bitten” by the safari bug it’s hard to stay away. As Ernest Hemingway famously said “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy”…  Cheesy though it sounds, alongside Alaska,… READ MORE >


Although I’ve been fortunate to have worked in over 45 different countries with my photography, both the Arctic and Antarctica are very much still on my wish list.  Up until August that is, when I got to cross one of those off! Technically I had already been within the Arctic Circle a number of times during previous shoots in Alaska.  But this time we were heading north by boat – the M/S Stockholm polar expedition vessel to be exact – and we were going to get… READ MORE >

McLennan_Great Wall of China_002

So far it’s been a busy year with commercial shoots in the South Island, US, China, Norway, Botswana, Fiji and Alaska.  But while at home briefly between projects earlier this year I had the privilege of presenting to a few different groups within New Zealand’s very enthusiastic photographic community.  One of the questions I always get asked is “how did you become a travel photographer” – or more often worded by the younger members of the audience “how can I become a travel photographer”?  (Watch this… READ MORE >


Each year – together with Wildlight Safaris – I lead a photographic safari through Botswana where we witness and photograph a myriad of wildlife across a number of different regions, from the Chobe River to the Okavango Delta.  On last year’s trip I wanted to take a little extra time after the safari to explore Africa just a little bit further.  So after waving goodbye to our safari guests, together with Dean Fitzpatrick I headed off on the long road trip towards our destination; Damara Land… READ MORE >

SUP with reef sharks in the crystal clear waters of Moorea, French Polynesia

Some of my favourite images are those that I have pre-visualised beforehand.  No doubt there is something fun and exciting about turning up somewhere and seeing and photographing the unexpected, but being able to create an image that I already have in my head is even more of a thrill for me.  Especially when it comes out as great as this one. Paddle boarding is a huge sport that is taking off around the world and I am a keen fan myself.  Ever since getting my… READ MORE >

800_2576dn (2)

During a recent trip to Alaska with Dean Fitzpatrick of Wildlight Safaris I was once again witness to the amazing Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) known to this area. Having photographed them before, this time I also wanted to capture some time lapse footage as a better way of sharing with others just how incredible this display of light really is. Dean and I were in Alaska to scope out an itinerary for a Photo Tour we are putting together for 2016 which will include the… READ MORE >

Castle Hill, Arthurs Pass, South Island, New Zealand

Those of us who have been born and raised in this wonderful country – colloquially titled “Godzone”, as well as many who have traveled here at a later stage – often to remain, are already convinced of the wonders this distinctive nation offers.  For me, it is a feeling that is reinforced every time I arrive home after a trip away.  But never more so than when I have the opportunity to return to the South Island and my true “home of homes” – the peaks… READ MORE >


I was once again back in Fiji and looking forward to working for a number of my regular clients.  First stop was Manta Ray Island Resort with the aim of creating some great new images to show sun, sand and crystal clear waters – all of the vital ingredients required for a tropical escape.  The weather gods had not been particularly kind on my previous shoot there, so with the sun out in full force I was excited to be making my way north to the… READ MORE >

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Wow! Isn’t it great when you come up with a new project that ends up being way more fun than you anticipated, and then takes on a life all of its own! Makes all the hard work seem worth it that’s for sure. And so began the life of “Car-L”…  I first had the idea of using a remote control vehicle to get a camera up close and personal to wildlife after a trip to Africa in 2012. A friend gave me her son’s old remote… READ MORE >


I was preparing for an exhibition earlier this year and had the concept of restricting the content to a 12 month period of one of my favourite subjects – Wildlife. In the lead up to the exhibition I had just started shooting with the D800E.  I was so captivated by the huge files and the ability to capture incredible detail in the images that I decided to shoot some local content specifically for the exhibition with that camera.  This is where the idea was born to… READ MORE >

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