This is a wildlife tutorial I did for Canon – worth watching just for some basic tips and tricks to help you improve your wildlife photography.  Whether you are photographing giant predators around the world, or just trying to get the best shot of your pet moggy back home…!  Its all about preparation, lighting, composition, knowing the animal’s behaviour, and of course knowing your gear well.

If you are interested in further tutorials, look out for my new photography app coming soon, which will be jam packed full of tutorials, image info, camera settings and other details to help inspire and improve YOUR photography….  Due for release December 2012.

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  1. man, i wanna be a photog!

    • Give it a go! It is a very rewarding passion!

  2. Excellent video. Your enthusiasm is so contagious. Am now haunting the Auckland Zoo – can’t believe how different each visit is – different animals, different lighting, different opportunities – and all for free now I am a Friend. Thank you for your Zoo competition that got me to go there – it had been years since I’d visited and now I drive everyone nuts showing them the “latest zoo photos”. Only had a DSLR camera for 5 months but it is now my new obsession.

    • Hi Elizabeth, that is so great to hear!! I will make sure to let Chris know, he loves the Auckland Zoo as well and has become very fond of many of the animals there – and I’m sure they don’t mind having their photos taken! :-) Good luck with your new found passion, if we can help in any way please let us know. Cheers, Catherine.

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