“The new Canon EOS 1D Mark IV completes my EOS equipment set perfectly [Chris also shoots with the EOS 1Ds Mark III and EOS 5D Mark II digital SLRs].

At present the EOS 1D Mark IV is being dubbed as the perfect camera for photojournalists and action sports photographers, due particularly to the camera’s high speed and low light capabilities.  I don’t think many people have realised though, the benefits of this camera for travel, landscape and wildlife photography.

While the low light performance is one of the key draw-cards of this camera, there are other benefits that many have not considered.

No longer when creating images do we only have aperture and shutter speed to work with. With the EOS 1D Mark IV I have a much more realistic ‘third control’ to work with – good quality high ISO.

This allows us to select the aperture and shutter speed desired for a shot and dial in the ISO to make it achievable.  Recently I used the EOS 1D Mark IV on a shoot in Alaska and was impressed by the fact that I could freeze motion but still use a small aperture – perfect when I was shooting dog-sledders.

By the same token, Macro photography is also going to be revolutionised with this camera due to its ability to shoot small aperture at high shutter speeds, eliminating frustrating subject movement and camera shake, while maintaining extremely high quality images.

Another benefit to almost all photographers is the camera’s incredible AF tracking capabilities – perfect for shooting moving wildlife. This proved handy when I was shooting running caribou in Alaska – I could hold my finger on the button and know the camera was going to keep up.  Oh, and being able to shoot at 10 frames a second still amazes me!  Fast AF performance coupled with the camera’s phenomenal processing speeds means I never miss a shot.

For me, I’d have to rate the EOS 1D Mark IV as one of the best and most versatile cameras out there.”

Read the full review on the Canon website and view the images here.

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