2015 has been a busy year with shoots in locations as far afield as China and as close to home as Muriwai Beach. And scattered amongst them have been a bunch of trips to Fiji, where Chris is fortunate to work for a number of resorts, hotels, tourism operators and other businesses over there on a regular basis.

Chris first started shooting in Fiji way back in the late 90′s, though to be honest its so long ago I can’t recall who our first actual client was! But what I do remember is that a fortuitous meeting with my Auntie who was up there at the time doing some work for Starwood, resulted in a shoot for Sheraton Fiji and our formal introduction to the Starwood brand. Starwood Hotels and Resorts (a group that includes the brands Sheraton, Westin, Four Points, Le Meridien, W Hotels, St Regis, Aloft, Design Hotels, The Luxury Collection, Element and Tribute Portfolio) are one of the world’s largest hotel chains and they have a marketing system that requires the use of only Starwood Accredited photographers to photograph their properties.

Following that shoot in Fiji we were able to apply for accreditation and Chris has been shooting for the brand ever since. Its a huge privilege to be an official Starwood Photographer (properties can do shoots outside of the brand, but can’t use the resulting imagery in branded advertising or websites) and Chris has traveled to hotels all over Asia, Indonesia, the Pacific Islands, Australia, US and New Zealand. Our next project is in the Maldives which Chris is really looking forward to.

I think the most important part of property photography – other than capturing the essence of the brand as instructed by our client – is lighting, particularly for interiors. Then there are the obvious factors such as perspective, spatial awareness, composition, framing and realistic colour. Some properties are naturally harder to shoot than others, and they are all unique depending on their location and their function. A city hotel is completely different to an island resort!

So for the last nearly 20 years or so Chris has worked hard to develop his skills and perfect the techniques required for good property photography. In many ways it has been the backbone of our business and has allowed Chris the opportunity to pursue other photographic opportunities with which to complement our hotel work, for example the wildlife, culture, adventure and travel shoots that keep Chris so creatively inspired.

So thanks Starwood for having us on board! Here are a few images from assorted properties around the world…

All images copyright Chris McLennan and are of Starwood properties photographed over the last 15+ years.

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