Throughout the last couple of years a number of Chris’s images have appeared in advertisements for Bay Photo, a print supplier in the US whom we deal with for our own exhibition material, and who is the print supplier we use when you order one of Chris’s images online (through our online prints portfolio here).

I can highly recommend them as a quality supplier, with excellent service and turn-around time.  In particular their metal prints are amazing – you really have to see them to believe the luminosity and vibrance of this medium!  The images appear almost 3D, and one customer commented they look like an LCD screen hanging on the wall…  Plus, the way they are produced means they are archival, scratch/dust and water resistant, easily wiped down with a damp cloth for cleaning, and very simply to store and hang.

Definitely a big “thumbs up” from us!

See some of the ads below, as published in Outdoor Photographer, Shutterbug, Black and White Magazine and also Photo District News.

All images copyright Chris McLennan and

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