If you are a regular follower of Chris’s work you will no doubt be aware that he spends much of his time in exotic regions of the world seeing and photographing sights and experiences most of us only dream about… But what about the lucky few who get to join him?

I was recently in touch with one of the guests from Chris’s (September) Wildlight Safari through Botswana and felt I just had to share his imagery and comments here. His shots are amazing!! Take a peek as its the best way to see just what’s possible on a Photo Tour with Chris.

As Andy Fish told me, he has “a ton of favourite images so will try to control myself”! Here are just a few for you to enjoy…

↑ ”Our home for 9 nights. There was something very enjoyable about taking a shower under a bucket with a faucet and shower head out in the wilderness.”

↑ ”I have lots of leopard shots but this one I especially liked the eyes peering out from behind the bushes.”

↑ ”The sunrises and sunsets were unbelievable!”


↑ ”Rambo Africa.  The boat in the background was our home for two nights – The Pride of the Zambezi.”

↑ ”I think this is a special shot. The fisherman is going home at the end of the day in his carved out wooden boat.”

↑ ”Because food was scarce on the Botswana side, the elephants would swim across the Chobe River to Namibia to eat and then go back home later.”

↑ ”OK, I had to put in a shot of a leopard in a tree. This was our last day in Botswana. As we were leaving, I said the only thing I missed seeing was a leopard up a tree. We drove right under this guy and I couldn’t talk! Finally I said “Stop!” and they said “Why?”… We stayed with him for quite a while and we were able to get lots of great shots in the tree, on the ground, walking, sniffing…”

Des and Collin, the guides, were as different as night and day but both seemed to have the knack of finding animals when other vehicles were lost…”

↑”There is something about getting close up of eyes in wild animals. This one usually draws a comment!”

“It is one thing to have high expectations for a trip, especially considering my previous experience in Alaska, but completely another to have those expectations exceeded by so much – and I had been to Africa (before)! Thank you for sharing Chris with us for such a long time.” Andy Fish, Botswana 2013.

Discover your own incredible story and magical images by booking yourself on one of Chris’s Photo Tours and make that dream a reality!

Thanks Andy! It was great to have you along and thanks so much for sharing your fabulous photos!

All Images copyright Andy Fish (afish@telicon.com).

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