I just finished up an amazing Alaska Winter Photo Tour with this group of fun people.  So many good times with amazing scenery right across Alaska, from the beautiful blue ice on the Northern slopes of the Brooks Range (above the arctic circle) to dog sledding near the remote settlement of Galena, seeing the Aurora Borealis above the tiny village of Wiseman and driving the famous “Ice Road Truckers” route up to Camp Coldfoot…

Thanks to everyone involved, and a special thanks to the folk at RAB for helping keep us all warm!!

The team.

The bleakest days still make for beautiful scenes in Alaska…

This beautiful blue ice is on the Northern Slopes of the Brooks Range.

Also in the Brooks range, snow covered trees…

Dog sledding near the remote settlement of Galena.

Stormy skies at Atigun Pass in the Brooks Range.

This ice was so smooth and perfect I couldn’t help running my hands over it…

Crazy lights over Wiseman.

Glowing blue ice, high above the Arctic Circle.

Alaska by night, hauntingly beautiful.

More dog sledding, with the low light making incredible shadows.

Wiseman, Alaska.

All images copyright Chris McLennan

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