While this is our photography blog site, I also thought it might be of interest to post a few pics of our new holiday (eventual retirement) home which we built in the South Island of New Zealand and have been enjoying immensely over the summer holidays. I know a lot of our customers (who we also consider friends) have been asking…

The house was built (by fantastic local builder “Rusty”) over six months using SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) supplied by Formance in New Zealand. It has a polished concrete floor with hydronic underfloor heating, which keeps the home between around 17 degrees (overnight) and 21 to 24 degrees during the day.  Or we can adjust this to slightly warmer or slightly cooler in the winter/summer. The air to water heat pump that heats the floor, also heats the domestic water supply, a big saving on our power bill. We also installed mechanical venting as the house is so well insulated it does not allow any airflow “leakage”, so we have a venting system that gently circulates fresh air, using the latent warmth in the outgoing air to warm the incoming fresh air.

The house has three queen bedrooms, open plan living/dining/kitchen, separate bathroom and laundry, and ensuite and walk in wardrobe in the master bedroom. And most importantly, we LOVE it!!

We designed the house ourselves and chose every item inside it.  We sourced the timber and sanded, polished, oiled and made the timber mantlepiece, bathroom vanities, coffee table and side tables ourselves. (Chris did most of the work, I just bossed him around a bit). And thanks to Carl for constructing the coffee table for us. We shopped and chose everything else ourselves, from the light fittings to the kitchen to the bench top to the appliances, drapes, bed linen and all furnishings. So much fun!

Anyway, this is our slice of Paradise in Glenorchy, New Zealand. Maybe you’ll come visit one day! (We have just made the property available on AirBnB when we aren’t using it, you can see the listing here - https://www.airbnb.co.nz/rooms/18915905).

(Please bear in mind these are Phone photos taken by me, NOT professional photos taken by Chris – we are yet to do that)…  :-)

The house in winter…

And summer…

Chris and I in Glenorchy.  :-)

All images by Catherine McLennan

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