Have you always dreamed of living a life more adventurous?  Do you wish you had the chance to travel more?  Or maybe you just want to see and do some crazy things before you no longer can…

According to Wikipedia an ‘Adventure’ is an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome.  So if the outcome is so uncertain, why is it that we constantly strive for a life more adventurous?

Is it that, as human beings, we need a sense of adventure to put the rest of our lives into perspective?  Or is it simply to replace the honed abilities required for our survival thousands of years ago?  Without the excitement and risk of the odd adventure, would we say goodbye to physical strength, mental endurance, stamina and courage?

Chris McLennan, a New Zealand based photographer who works around the world in pursuit of travel, wildlife and adventure imagery, certainly puts that case to the test.  Of course for most of us, the chances of actually getting paid while doing any of that is fairly slim.  So it’s no surprise that the real life of travel and wildlife photographer Chris McLennan brings out just a little bit of envy in the rest of us.

Walking with Grizzly bears?  Tick.  Swimming with Great Whites?  Tick.  Snowmobiling 1200kms across Alaska?  Tick.  Exploring the remote regions of New Zealand?  Tick.  Visiting 40 different countries around the world while you work?  Tick.  The list goes on…

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of a photographer and love the sound of a life more adventurous, why don’t you join Chris on one of his upcoming Photo Tours?  Chris regularly hosts groups on Safari through Botswana, to Alaska to photograph the Grizzly bears or Norway to see the Polar Bears, and in New Zealand he runs a Photo Tour of the Lake Waikaremoana guided Great Walk.

Visit his Photo Tours website for 2014 dates and join Chris on a Life More Adventurous!

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