Great to see Chris’s Facebook page at 30,000 likes!  (30,005 at this exact minute).  A big shout out to Saw Esther from Yangon in Burma, who was the 30,000th “like”.  Great to see you on the site and I hope you enjoy Chris’s imagery and the stories behind those images.


To all you Google+ fans out there, let’s see if we can match that and reach 30,000 on Google+ sometime soon, spread the word!

Well, its been a busy Christmas and New Year’s with plenty of family time outside of the office, plus lots going on within the office as we finalise the Travel Photography Awards about to be launched any day, plus finish the last few items for our new Photo Career app due to be launched later this month.

Watch this space for updates coming up on both!

In the meantime, I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season, we’ll be officially back in the office soon and ready to kick start another great year.  Roll on 2013!

Cheers, Catherine & Chris

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